Sugar Nil Sweet Alternative to sugar

Sucralose is made from Sugar (Sucrose) and therefore tastes like Sugar (Sucrose). But the structure is modified and hence, body cannot metabolize it.

Oral bacteria, in dental plaque, metabolize sucrose into lactic acid. High concentration of acid results in demineralization of tooth and thus results in tooth decay Sucralose cannot be broken down or used by oral bacteria and hence it does not contribute towards tooth decay.EXCELLENT SOLUBILITY:
Sucralose has excellent solubility with all the food ingredients and is highly compatible with all the food ingredients.EFFECT OF HEAT:
Sucralose is heat labile and retains its sweetness even at high temperature and has longer shelf life.

Sucralose cannot be metabolized by body and has zero calorie. Hence, it imparts good taste without increasing the carbohydrate or calorie content of the food. Thus, it has no effect in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus) or Type 2 diabetes (Non Insulin Dependent Mellitus) on short or long term.

Since Sucralose does not add to calorie or carbohydrate content, it is best suitable to be used for weight control for those who are on diet and yet they can have sweets without having any effect on their weight.

Sucralose is very safe ( doesn’t have any carcinogenic properties )

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, 3.3 times sweeter than Aspartame and 2 times sweeter than saccharin and is derived naturally.

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